Root Mamma in the Park

Upon meeting, one is immediately bathed in the effervescent, playful and radiant glow of Dani Katz. Through a bizarre sequence of synchronistic events that involved a Mini Cooper and getting lost in Washington Heights, NY, I met Dani. Soon afterwards, I had the pleasure of working with her when she led our sunset yoga classes my first year running programming for The Hunters Point Parks Conservancy.

The first class was small and intimate. (We currently host over 5o guests at each session). The weather was perfect and the setting sun in its warming reds and oranges were so healing for me that day. A participant asked if Dani was my daughter. I thought, do I also emit such a charm and ease that one might think we could possibly be in the same gene pool? I don't think I was so put together at her age.

Her journey through yoga began at 12. Originally, a music major and trombone player, Dani eventually found her calling as a yoga instructor and left music school. She moved to Manhattan and completed a degree in nutrition and food science at Hunter College while teaching yoga at various studios around the city.

After meeting many pregnant clients, Dani began her deep exploration of prenatal yoga. She discovered that yoga and birth have a lot of common ground-–they both are intense mind-body experiences.