Garden With Us!

The gardens in Hunter’s Point South Park and Gantry Plaza State Park are home to numerous native plant species that create a sustainable ecosystem and promote the ecological well-being of the waterfront. However, invasive weeds such as mugwort, ragweed, plantains, clovers and the non-indigenous phragmites threaten and destroy native plants. Removing them is not only cleansing for our gardens, but for our minds. Gardening and volunteering in one of the city’s most scenic waterfront parks provides an enjoyable distraction from the stresses of daily city-living.

 The park has no shortage of tasks, from pruning to weeding to picking up litter. Any help is greatly appreciated and participation from all ages is warmly welcomed. 

 Join us every second and fourth Saturday of each month from 10am - 12pm in Gantry Plaza State Park for our community volunteer sessions. Sign up at the link below. We meet on the plaza in the park at the intersection of 49th Ave. and Center Blvd.

 HPPC also offers corporate gardening days, which is the perfect team-building exercise or even just an excuse to spend the day outside the office. Contact if you are interested in scheduling a weekday volunteer gardening day with your company.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering with us this year.

Volunteer gardening dates for 2019:

  • May 11

  • May 18

  • June 8

  • June 22

  • July 13

  • July 27

  • August 10

  • August 24

  • September 14

  • September 28

  • October 12

  • October 26


LIC Landing

LIC Landing by COFFEED features a spectacular 2000 sq-ft outdoor event space and a high-quality outdoor cafe. LIC Landing’s restaurant features a healthy selection of locally-sourced offerings as well as craft beers and fine wines, and COFFEED’s specialty coffees and teas. The event space is home to a variety of HPPC’s community events throughout the year.

As with all COFFEED locations, LIC Landing by COFFEED allocates a portion of sales revenue to a community-based non-profit – in this case, the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy is the non-profit recipient. The funds are used to provide free community programs in the park!



Join us while you enjoy the benefits of Hunter’s Point South Park and Gantry Plaza State Park. We are a hands-on community organization of volunteers who help maintain our parks and trees along the waterfront and neighborhood streets. We also plan community events. There are many ways to help and become involved.

Event Planning

Help plan special events including concerts, waterfront movies, community activities and membership meetings
Recruit volunteers and/or provide coordination at events


Publicity & Marketing

Post information on upcoming events, including distributing posters and flyers
Donate your graphic design and layout skills
Help with social media and email marketing


Fundraising & Outreach

Help find donors and sponsors/underwriters for events
Contact local businesses to sponsor specific projects



Prune and plant the gardens in Gantry Plaza State Park and Hunter’s Point Park South
Prune and care for trees along neighborhood streets